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Ford V8 Skin Pack 1.0

No permission to download
A skin pack of 12 Ford Liveries

6x are by @Easton1
6x are by @Rob Fitness

these skins are for the model created/ported/shared whatever it is by @PATR10T thanks mate :thumbsup::cool:

the model itself is not part of the skin pack.

PLEASE NOTE: the internal view is to dark to drive the ford with at the moment ( Easton1 & I am trying to work out why, but basic painting skills is all i know, maybe someone else can correct this ).

doesn't bother us SuperV8 drivers one bit :D:p;)

Rob Fitness
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60.9 MB
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There good but cannot get mine to work they look all funny
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
this mod is so old now that no-one uses it and skins for V8's and car models have advanced so much since this (now using FGX & Nissan models)... if i could delete i would, but deleting it is not a option available to me.... so perhaps if you had asked a question about your issues before posting a review i would have steered you in a better direction
Yes why make mod a bloody mystery ffs.

Facebooks sites with no links , utter bs.
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
The Ford model is not permitted on this site... On the facebook page is a dropbox link to get all the 2016 skins and the Ford model all in one... scroll down a bit FFS yourself pal
Where to get the model for this Ford?
Great work lads.
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
thank you man!, appreciate the thanks