Ford Sierra RS500 TEXACO - Stig Blomqvist 1000 Lakes Rally '87 1.0

Livery used by Stig Blomqvist in 1000 Lakes Rally 1987

  1. Beizsi
    This livery was used by Stig Blomqvist/Bruno Berglund in 1000 Lakes Rally in 1987.

    I made this livery from Conor óg Muldoon's original livery as base file which I just customized pretty heavily, almost every other aspect but the coloring and some of the logos. I even had to make the "AUTO ARE" logo from scratch, because I couldn't find that logo in good quality anywhere. But all credit from the original livery goes to Conor óg Muldoon. You can find the original here:
    I could have included this livery to the Ari Vatanen livery, since they were in the same team but decided, that this was more simple hence now you can choose more easily if you want this or the Ari Vatanen livery.

    Just extract the textures_high to DiRT Rally/cars/models/srs/livery_43

    This livery replaces the 7/8 livery.

    The original livery_43 is included, in case you want to go back to the original.



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Recent Reviews

  1. Max Attack
    Max Attack
    Version: 1.0
    Nice work on this version and thanks for crediting me, could you add a link to the original livery too in case of confusion, cheers!
    1. Beizsi
      Author's Response
      Thanks, of course :D
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