FORD RS200 1986 livery

FORD RS200 1986 livery 1.1

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Vehicle: FORD RS200
Livery: DiRT3 2008, WRC 1986 mixed
Class: Group B [4WD]

This livery is original livery of DiRT3, by adding a sponsor logo such as "Shell" and "Motorcraft", is what resembles a 1986 livery.

Version 1.0
Main texture has been reworked by 4k.

Version 1.1
Main texture has been changed to correct brightness.
Specular map was made correctly.
Grass texture has been reworked by 2k.

I made 2 versions.
1. 1986 DiRT3
2. DiRT Rally

1986 DiRT3

DiRT Rally

Ryder25 (EGO PSSG Editor)
Martin Wright (DXTBmp)

I will not bear full responsibility for your using this mod.

v.1.0 4K HD
ford_rs200_01.jpg ford_rs200_02.jpg

v.0.8 2K
ford_rs200_01.jpg ford_rs200_02.jpg

Latest updates

  1. correct brightness

    Version 1.1 Main texture has been changed to correct brightness. Specular map was made...
  2. 4K HD

    v.0.8 → v.1.0 Main texture is 2k → 4k resolution.

Latest reviews

Brilliant work
hi looks good but how to you install skins iv tryed ? thanks

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