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Ford Focus 2001 wind screen reflection fix (obsolete after 0.9 update) 1

Ford Focus 2001 wind screen reflection fix

  1. x_kevlar_x
    !NOTE! this issue was fixed in 0.9 update and fix in not needed.

    Texture fix to tone down Ford Focus 2001 wind shield reflection, which causes a whiteout and blocks the vision. Also reduces the amount of dirt on the wind screen.

    Place the included int_fow.pssg to DiRT Rally/cars/interiors/models/fow. Be sure to backup the original file.


    1. 0ydiQ5V.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. VittorioBrambilla
    Version: 1
    Thanks, it´s a well done improvement for the Focus! :-)
    Version: 1
    Great fix. Mechanics gave the windscreen a polish finally and put a nice matt dash into the cockpit. No more blinding reflections in sunny weather.
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