Ford Fiesta Gymkhana 8 1.0

Ford Fiesta Gymkhana 8 skin for DiRT Rally

  1. Mika012
    This is my first upload of a skin ! 20160317210035_1.jpg 20160317210200_1.jpg 20160317210115_1.jpg 20160317205920_1.jpg

    I've done the Gymkhana 8 Edition of the Ford Fiesta, i tried to be as close as possible from the real one.

    Hope you like it. I had some issues to find a good reflexion for the shaped on the car, it may still need some adjustements.

    Tell me what you're thinking of this skin ! ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. gamer19
    Version: 1.0
    What do I think ?
    Well, I think I can say on behalf me only but I'm sure many share this opinion -
    We're quite fed up with dumb GYMKHANA caras, we succesfully manage to get rid of that type of games, you know... DiRT1 2 3 type, and now, too often comes someone and goes here's my new skin, gues what - it's from frickin Gymkhana! And we get fed up with that block ..Block. I mean, really... who is he ?!? He does some stunt stuff in USA and in WRC he never manage to make any inpact. Fact. Does he deserve this kind of attention I wonder.
    And Gymkhana. Really don't want to go that road again.
    Why the people can't make some famous or current WRC skins I wonder. Oh I know... they're from usa and they like stunts. And their.. "wrestling".
    Truth be told... I just love NFL. :D
    1. Mika012
      Author's Response
      First thanks for the review
      Second, yes gymkhana is not the best mode in rally games, but it's just about the skin ^^ And they are a lot of skin about current or famous WRC.
      I thought it would be great to have this gymkhana skin because it is a little bit tricky to make because of the "reflection stikers".
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