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Fictional Skins Seat Leon Cup Racer 2015-03-07

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i am new , I'm from Spain and I would like to share with you these invented skins. I Hope you like them. regards.
if I'm doing something wrong let me know . Thank You

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15.7 MB
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4.92 star(s) 12 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fictional Skin Renault Clio Cup

    Hello I designed this skin based on this fantastic game , I hope you like it .

Latest reviews

Well done MonsterS48!!! You're the best....
Gracias bonito!
Top Knotch! :)
Very Good Monster!! I also like the clio ori and the blind forest skin! See you next monday!!
This pack made me search for a working mod again. Great stuff.
Thumbs up man!
The rim blur problems aside, these are actually quite solid (and eye-catching as well)...
Superb first try, mate!
Muy buenos.
Great Job Monster¡¡¡¡¡ you are a real monster, i want more¡¡¡
Excelent, keep working the same way, Thx
I see talent, keep it up!!
Nice Skins, Thank you!!!
Very nice skins pack , thanks mate !
No blur rims in speed (red,pinky)
sorry but not how to fix it. the car has no file rim with blur