Fictional - 2017 WSCC Alfa Romeo Oreca #12 V1.1

Fictional - 2017 WSCC Alfa Romeo Oreca #12

  1. Crivitz Chris
    Fictional - 2017 WSCC Alfa Romeo Oreca #12

    The third part of my "what if" series, with the possible rumor of Alfa Romeo joining the Weather Tech Sports Car Series

    This started off as seeing the online render from LP Designs Alfa P2 concept and just adapted it to the ingame Oreca model, as they adapted their concept from an Oreca picture. I change the orange to more of an Alfa Romeo, Italian red, and added the series sponsors. As the #33 number is taken by the real life Viper GTD car, I changed to #12 as a thought of Risi Compeitzone would run the car with factory Ferrari drivers, Sam Bird and David Ragon. Risi ran the #12 with their 333sp.

    Permission to convert to AC (I don't have the mod for AC), just add me to the credits and shoot me a PM just so I know that it has been converted :)

    NOTE: This is a skin only. No performance/engine changes have been made.

    Let me know what you think! 2016-02-17_00004.jpg e6abca5a75841d8087af7c2355201996.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. NewtypE
    Version: V1.1
    Looks beautiful. But you need to put this in the rFactor 2 skin section.
    1. Crivitz Chris
      Author's Response
      Yeah I realized that after I uploaded it, but couldn't figure out how to do that.
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