Fia GT 1998 Mercedes CLK LM 0.6


  1. alless1184

    Here, is something ive converted and im not a fan of it actually as the model is to old for rfactor 2 but sofar its something that can be build on, physics, sounds until we at UnitedRacingDesign will make new one but it doesnt really look so bad as i thought it will.

    Aleksss from German Modding Team will continue to work on this as they are the owners of the GTR2 mod to and all credits go to the GMT team.

    Porsche GT1 will be added soon when i will have time to put it ingame.

    Note that its not direct conversion. New 3d tire model was added, some remapping and texturing was done like windows and new tire textures.

    Still need to be added:
    Wiper, driver, backfire, motec and im sure physics will need some updates to. CLK_LM_1.jpg CLK_LM_2.jpg
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