Ferrari White Gloves for career 1.0

custom race gloves

  1. fluffydave

    This mod requires manual installation, also a demonstration on how to import custom textures using Ego Erp archiver

    Download EEA here:

    [1] Open EEA, go to Settings>F1 2016 Directory>set directory, and select your game folder (only need to be done once). st1.jpg

    [2] Open incardriver.erp: F1 2016/asset_groups/animation_package/scenes/incardriver/2016, hit the search box or scroll through to select career_ferrari_helmet_d.tga. st2.jpg

    [3] Go to Textures>Import and choose the white gloves from the mod to replace the original. st3.jpg

    [4] When prompted, save a .mipmaps file with the same name (career_ferrari_helmet_d.tga.mipmaps). st4.jpg

    [5] Repeat step 2-4 for career_ferrari_glove_logo_d.tga (DO NOT re-open incardriver.erp, just select/highlight career_ferrari_glove_logo_d.tga for step 2) . Below is how the previews should look when finished importing. st5.jpg

    [6] And finally save incardriver.erp itself. st6.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. SuperMasaF1
    Version: 1.0
    You read my mind!! Thank you!! Top Job
  2. Dämon Hill
    Dämon Hill
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice! Can you make white gloves also for Williams? I hate this blue color...
  3. drose
    Version: 1.0
    Greatttt!!! Mclaren please? :D
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