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Ferrari 458 GT2 MOMO Italy 50 years

Ferrari 458 GT2 MOMO Italy 50 years 2015-04-10

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I originally did this skin for the stock F458 only because there was no racing version at that time... So here's the intended skin lately even if it's not the 50th year of MOMO anymore...


Latest reviews

If I'm correct, Bernd, the rear wing of the 458 GT2 can't be painted (I looked for it everywhere). Nevertheless, magnificent skin again, beautiful work. I really love your work.
bravo :)
Excellent skin!
Superb skin, nice to finally see MOMO for the Ferrari GT2. My only thought is it doesn't appear the rear wing has any logos, was this intentional? I suggest adding the Pirelli or MOMO logo.
Lovely work,thank you.
Cool and quality skin , thanks mate !
quality skin sir, thx a lot!
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