Ferrari 312T2 1976 - Niki Lauda and Rubens Barrichello 1

f12013, 312t2

  1. henr.p1
    My mod to Ferrari 312T2 from 1976 with Niki Lauda as original driver and Rubens Barrichello as team legend.
    F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-32-01-36.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-32-01-36.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-32-05-73.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-34-48-35.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-34-51-14.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-34-52-30.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-34-59-00.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-34-59-13.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-35-04-96.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-38-51-08.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-38-52-39.jpg F1_2013 2016-05-07 21-32-05-73.jpg
    If you have any doubt, contact me!

    P.S.: Someone have the Ryder Language Editor to F1 2014?
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Recent Reviews

  1. Yanuar1998
    Version: 1
    Good mod, i love this car but when i installed this mod why this cars and the other teams is really slow and hard to overtake at the turn? I mean is automatically slow when is going to turn. Sorry if my english bad.
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