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ferito-liveLeaderboard 0.9.1

Realtime Leaderboard with color notifications and lap times

  1. Fernando Deutsch
    Realtime leaderboard information of drivers positions. Information includes
    • Position
    • Driver name
    • Laps
    • Delta from leader time (practice, qual) or realtime distance (race)
    • Latest lap
    Colors are used to indicate driver change position using for green improved and red for being demoted. For lap times, magenta is session best lap time, green best personal time and yellow current lap time. Player driver is displayed in yellow.

    All colors can be configured, as well as window title, font size (which scales the application), decimals and update frequency by modifying the ferito-LiveLeaderboard.ini configuraton file.

    Knowing Issues
    - Realtime delta times are far from perfect, but provides some insight of the distance between cars.
    - On multiplayer sessions, cars parked or retired on pits can cause some wrong information only on the first lap of the race
    - There is some weird behavior when cars are passing the start/finish line where they sometimes switches from green to red colors.

    Uncompress the file on the \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python folder

    As the python API gets more information, it will be possible to identify cars being retired and a proper, more precise realtime distance between cars.

    Sample Screens
    2015-10-30 13_22_55-Assetto Corsa.png 2015-10-30 13_26_22-Assetto Corsa.png

    Hope you enjoy it

Recent Reviews

  1. seanlewis
    Version: 0.9.1
    good idea, however, window size should be adjustable in order to able to move it as far down as possible
  2. Rigel
    Version: 0.9.0
    Light and functional! Thanks!
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