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F1 Teams for MyTeam [Modular Mods]

F1 Teams for MyTeam [Modular Mods] 1.0

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This mod provides custom ERP and mipmaps files, for being able to use an F1 team/car in MyTeam as replacement - without overwriting the original livery, if changed.​


This mod is part of [Modular Mods] and has Modular Mods - Base Files as required mod to be existing and installed in the main F1 2020 folder.​

  1. Make your choice and decide which original F1 Team you want to use as MyTeam
  2. go into the team's folder and copy f1_2020_vehicle_package to ...\steamapps\common\F1 2020\
    and myteam_f1_TEAMNAME.erp to ...\steamapps\common\F1 2020\_Modular_Mods\_ACTIVE\
  3. If you wish, install updated/custom liveries based on the chassis choice into the ERP.
    for example import McDonalds Haas mod livery into myteam_F1_haas.erp.
Simply move the copied myteam_f1_TEAMNAME.erp file from F1 2020\_Modular_Mods\_ACTIVE\ up to ..\_Modular_Mods\ or delete it.​

  • This mod is based on my modular system and will not function without the base files.
  • Other than that it is standalone and will not conflict with any original file, beside its purpose.
  • The mod was requested and is not used personally by myself, so due to the amount of work that would be needed, I kept mipmaps in use this time. But those are unique and do not overwrite existing mipmaps.
  • The mod only replaces myteam_ cars, so you will still see the fom_car/multiplayer car in customization.


Latest updates

  1. update driver animation

    As we noticed, the incardriver animation were off. If you want to fix it, you have to do it...

Latest reviews

Excellent. I would like to know how to put a custom livery such as Aston Martin's or some other.
Amazing mod!!!!! if i want to use the mercedes chassis can i change the skin for my team?
Thanks for the rating, but please use the "ask a question" button to ask questions =)

For a custom skin with the Mercedes chassis, you need to manually import livery texture files (dds) into the Xercedes erp file.
great job , i like it tho
Good job man! 5 stars for you!
Very good mod idea. Makes everything so much easier. I just can't get mine to work. I choose a team, copy this into f1_2020_vehicle_package. And the ERP file in Modular Mods Active. The modular base files are installed. What am I doing wrong ? Does something need to be deleted?
Please discuss issues in the support/discussion tab, not in the ratings. I can reply, but you cannot do so after, again.
I absolutely love this mod. I am using the Renault chassis in My Team. I have 3 questions about the mod.
1)When I use the Renault chassis in My Team, will the chassis behave like the Renault RS20, or will it behave just like the original FOM chassis.
2)I am using Mercedes PU in My Team. By using the Renault chassis, will my engine supplier be replaced?
3)If I buy any upgrades for the car, will it be applied to the performance of the chassis?
Overall, great work!
Only the 3d chassis model has been changed, everything else is original FOM. So are engines and upgrades.
Nice! What tyre mod are you using btw?
As someone just asked in the discussions tab ... and I answered: My personal mod, which will never see public light.
Thank you for sharing all the 2020 cars Ive been looking for original cars to swap to 2018. I am wishing for a 2021 version.
To use 2018 car models, you need to use 2017 materials - and only Ferrari, Haas and Williams work of 2017 in that matter.
Perfect! Very easy to install and import my own custom liveries over for MyTeam mode without affecting current teams. Finally, no more FOM chassis! You deserve a medal!
i always wanted to use another chassis, love it!
awesome work real game changer
NO ****ING WAY !! what a legend
I love it!
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