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F1 2018 Sound update Toro Rosso alt. version

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Sound Update:
- Toro Rosso has now honda sound
- McLaren has now renault sound
Need ERP installation
Import my .json file into your .erp
For original chassis
For alternate versions with other chassis request in support
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Latest updates

  1. Toro rosso Red Bull chassis

    Allternative version of Toro Rosso

Latest reviews

What is the sound directory to import the json file into in the F1 2019 game directory in ERP?
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Asked him if I was able to use this in my mod he replies with a "YES" but then changes his mind later on without my knowledge and reports my mod for me using his mod and it gets my mod deleted..
you can use and no upload, use and upload are different words
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