f1 2017 Renault 3D model 1.01

3d model of Renault for use in modding

  1. jburon72
    Ill be on a short vacation this weekend so Ill be away from my PC that's why i tried to finished atleast 2 model before the week ends. Ill try to finish al;l of them by next week. :D

    This is a tool for f1 modders who needs guide in editing the paint and the decal files for Renault.
    -there are some minor changes on the texture mapping of the vehicle file since the 1.9 patch

    -What's in it.
    -Wireframe for the paint files
    -Wireframe for the decal files
    -Wireframe for the Car Number


    -NOTE to view the decal material you need to go to the 3D tab and make the paint material invisible
    (they are overlapping and cant make it transparent)
    - you can also select the material you want to edit and move it away from the main object

    see images on how to do it.
    Image 1.jpg Image 2.jpg
    -to view the wireframe, select the texture you want to edit and unhide the layer that has a WF on the name.

    -for saving the tetxure i recommend to save it as a PNG file first (especially the decals texture with alpha channel), then open the original dds file in photshop and manually placing it. This is to avoid any unwanted smearing or incorrect colors once use in the game.

    -if you have question hit the support tab on the RD DL page to message me in the forum

    -will do the other cars so just wait for my updates


    If you enjoy my work and wants to support me you can do it by clicking the image below.


    1. 2017_renault.73.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. TheSevi
    Version: 1.01
    Amazing job! Thank you!
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      thank you for your feedback :)
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