F1 2016 Fictional Alfa Romo Ferrari for SF15-T 1.0

Nasr and Ericsson (8k)

  1. Töttös Dani
    -Ercisson Helmet and Gloves,Textures work in progress

    preview.jpg 20160728015002_1.jpg 20160728025129_1.jpg 20160728025154_1.jpg 20160728025157_1.jpg 20160728025205_1.jpg 20160728025143_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Kurei
    Version: 1.0
    Preview-images did not work for both skins, and both skins have Palmer listed for driver.
    That said, I like that red and black were used for this (best Ferrari colors ever), but the white wing feels slapped-on. Using the "Natural Graphics" mod, I also found the red to be overly bright in cockpit-view.
    Personal-taste, but I would like to see this re-approached with a black wing, and black (or darker-grey) wheels, as well as having preview-images & listed-drivers corrected.
  2. chrisi2174
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