F1 2015 Mclaren Honda, Mercedes, Ferrari MOD 2016-12-11

3 MOD Packaged

  1. Mon Sai
    1st thing to do is back up your files.
    copy and paste all of my content.

    Mclaren Honda:
    -improve car performance
    -fantasy black mod
    -black driver livery
    -alonso black helm
    -colored decals

    -colored decals
    -fantasy light gray - gray - dark gray color combo

    -re-color the Ferrari RED to make it look more FORZA Ferrari :D
    -less drag on a DRS mode ( more effective but not over powered )
    -colored decals
    -black mags

    ---sorry for a low image quality . . my computer cant take any graphic improvement :D ---

    -this is my 2nd upload here in RD and i think it will be the last.
    Mclaren skin only works on LOW and MEDIUM vehicle quality.-

    -ENJOY-thanks and respect-


    1. a001.jpg
    2. a004.jpg
    3. a005.jpg
    4. c001.jpg
    5. c004.jpg
    6. c005.jpg
    7. f001.jpg
    8. f004.jpg
    9. f005.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. whynicorosberg
    Version: 2016-12-11
    i only ask for ferrari but you uploaded a mercedes too.
    the pirelli on the rear looks awesome man.the ferrari drs was so effective too, i tried it on shanghai when i was chasing 2 cars.and i think the car is a bit lighter than before :D i flipped when hit the force india infront :D
    i hope you had mods left :D - and i appreciate your efforts.
    the red man, awesome.
    thanks a lot.
    1. Mon Sai
      Author's Response
      i reduced the vehicle mass :) and changing the gear timing ( it took me like forever editing those numbers ) LOL.