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F1 2014 Better Tyre Wear Mod 2014-11-11

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Better tyre wear for every tyre compound!
Place the database folder inside your game file!

Dont forget to back up your files!

Please tell me if you find any bugs!

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good ?but can you re made a mod Where the color of tires is less important because other mod with tyre hd are deleted . Exemple :
This is just what I needed. I am trying to go through the career mode on expert with a Caterham and I'm finding it hard to compete with the AI' s lack of tyre wear in the latter stages of the race, so this mod is exactly what I was looking for to add some depth to the game for me. Many thanks.
im experiencing a bug,the mod itself works fine.but all the tires are completely white.on all cars.and this is the only mod in my game file so its not the case it could be clashing with another mod
Thank you, I'll look into it
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