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F1 2006 Skin - Michael Schumacher helmet with Marlboro 2014-08-11

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  • Version: 2014-08-11
Thank you very much! Wonderful job!
Tobias Wedlich
Tobias Wedlich
I don't do this alone!
Thank you!We really missed Michael especially at this hard time
Tobias Wedlich
Tobias Wedlich
Yeah! Think the same!
Thanks, great job!
This is also better than mine! haha ahh well I think I'll convert mine into his 90's one with the blue etc ;) But great job bud this looks spot on!
Tobias Wedlich
Tobias Wedlich
Sorry men to destroy your work! But you did the better Rosberg world cup helmet :D
Thank you. i like to red baron.
Tobias Wedlich
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