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f1 2006 honda skins v 0.4

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f1 2006 honda skin with tobacco sponsor and without to be used on the awesome F1sr ferrari f248 beta. special thanks to the creators for making such a good car.

Latest updates

  1. f1 2006 honda ui and preview updated

    f1 2006 honda ui and preview updated
  2. f1 2006 honda skins lucky strike logo updated

    f1 2006 honda skins lucky strike logo updated to whit text instead of black

Latest reviews

In the tobacco skin, the Lucky Strike logo text on the sidepods (and front nose too) should be white instead of black, as in real life. :) Here's an example: http://onlycarsimages.com/uploads/honda/honda-ra106/honda-ra106-11.jpg
FCR Senna
FCR Senna
ah okay thank you I will change it as soon as I get a chance
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nice job thanks for sharing
FCR Senna
FCR Senna
thanks and no problem
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decent first skin. Well done mate =)
FCR Senna
FCR Senna
ta mate.
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FCR Senna
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