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F1 1988 Skins for Formula Classic 0.6

Correct skins with driver and team names

  1. Sam Hill
    I couldn't find any 1988 skins on the internet so I decided to give it a go myself. This is the first time I've made skins and it probably shows. But if anyone wants to improve them please do. Feel free to upload on other sites but please give credit.

    If anyone spots any problems send me a PM and I'll try and fix them for the next update. Thanks.

    - Correct Skins for 9 teams
    - Default skins for 3 teams
    - Templates for the rest
    - Names, Teams and numbers correct
    - Full field of 31 cars (GSC only lets you run 25 opponents however, which is correct to the period as some cars were dropped in qualifying)

    1. Back-up the F_Classic folder in Gamedata/Vehicles
    2. Paste the downloaded F_Classic folder into Gamedata/Vehicles
    3. Overwrite everything

    Overwrite everything in the same folder

    NOTE: Only the Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren, Williams, Coloni, AGS,Osella, EuroBrun and Rial cars have proper skins so far. The Minardi, Ligier and Tyrrell have the rough colour schemes and Reiza logos. The rest have just got the templates. ALL names and teams are correct however and I shall update this as soon as I finish each skin.
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