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F1 1986 MOD

F1 1986 MOD 1.1

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Guerreiros do AV presents: F1 1986 MOD for Automobilista!

Cars converted from Rfactor 2 MOD, with permission of Mr. ChiefWiggum (Thanks Mr. ChiefWiggum! You're the best!)
Physics: Rogerio Pascote.

The MOD is League Edition now, with all the cars with the same physics.
We did a fully revision of the physics and we introduce a "party mode": in qualifying, you can use the push to pass to simulate a qualifying engine, with an insane power!

We hope you enjoy our MOD!


Latest updates

  1. F1 1986 MOD v1.1 - Guerreiros do AV - Automobilista

    F1 1986 MOD v1.1 - Guerreiros do AV - Automobilista

Latest reviews

thanks, works great
How did you Convert mods from rf2 to ams1?
Rogerio Pascote
Rogerio Pascote
You have to use de 3D Simed app. And have to change a lot of shaders, because RF2 uses Directx 11 and AMS1 uses Directx 9.
I tried to get talent file working by adding the talent line in the ConfigOverrides line of the "series" file of AMS!..but still no go on the talents!...it must be the category filter that's stopping the talents from working!
nice mod
its a shame the talent files are not there to have accurate races
also, at The jacarepagua circuit
many AI cars just run off the road, for no good reason
other than that, solid mod
Thanks a lot for these cars, they look fantastic in AMS.
Rogerio Pascote
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