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"EServCFG" - Excel server_cfg creater V0.99

create your own server_cfg.ini and entry_list.ini

  1. HSV4U2006
    This is my first (Excel 2007) server tool for Assetto Corsa to create your server_cfg.ini or entry_list.ini.

    - Extract "EServCFG_V0.99.xlsm" to ..:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\server\cfg (your macros must be enabled)
    - Write your paths (cars, tracks and server/cfg) in cells B1, B3 and B5
    - Add your server name and choose your favorites in the pull-down menu
    - Select the vehicles and your track
    - Configure your server
    - Click on "write server_cfg.ini"

    If you want to create a special drivers entry_list.ini write all drivers incl. teams and GUID in the data pool. Then make your own entry_list by select your drivers, teams, vehicles, skins (click on the button SKIN to choose) and GUID's. You can also create special grid positions with the "grid_entry_list". Fill in your drivers and there start position

    Please let me know if you've got any problems


    1. serverdata.png
    2. entry-list.png
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