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Erg's Filters pack 1.4

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-Filters are now compatiable with AC 1.4.
-Deleted the spring weather for now.
---delete older versions, if installed---

Use "Eyes_Studio" filter to take screenshots @studioblack showroom.

Use "Eyes_Naked" filter especially for replays. The sun will shine like real so you may not prefer this filter while driving.
Use "Eyes_VisorDARK" or "Eyes_VisorLight" filters when driving.

These filters will work best in spring, clear and mid-clear weathers between all hours.
Recommended in game color saturation setting: 100.

Extract "content" and "system" folders into your assetto corsa main directory.

Overwrite if asked.


This mod will replace original clouds so make a backup if you mind. (/assettocorsa/content/texture/clouds)

Big thanks to Tomas Torasen for the clouds and his great weather pack.