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Enhanced Graphics Plus 1.3

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Now with decent amount of splash and mist for no flickering mod.
Make backup and replace files accordingly

Ver 1.2 replaced "some rain mist" and "realistic rain mist" options in ver1.1 with "balanced rain mist" option: more balanced rain mist without flickering. It is not possible to increase the mist without flickering.
Please do not use the no flickering mod if you want realistic rain mist.
Make backups before replacing files.

I am pleased to update with realistic rain mist with no flickering after so many tries. The addition is in the "no glare no rain flickering/realistic rain mist" folder.
If you have installed ver 1 and want the realistic mist; or if you just want the no flickering mod only, you need only to replace files in the "no flickering only" folder.

Realistic rain mist with no flickering
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