EKS RX 2016 Livery for the Polo 1.0

A EKS RX 2016 skin for the Polo RX

  1. fakez
    Hey guys! New livery out. Since the Audi doesnt seem to come out in the near future, i took the liberty of making a skin for the 2016 EKS RX for the Polo.

    Give me a hint if something needs a change.
    Have fun!


    1. Ekstrom3D-View.jpg
    2. Heikkinen3D-View.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. anttieerik
    Version: 1.0
    how do u install this livery mod in the pox folder?
    1. fakez
      Author's Response
      I would recommend installing briochebro┬┤s Mod Manager


      Other than that it is just copying the files in "textures_high" over to the same folder in the game folders. Copy the "textures high" folder from "pox - EKS Ekstrom/Heikkinen over to the game directory folder where you find the "textures high" in the car you want to replace.
  2. mcmattila
    Version: 1.0
    Looks like a high-quality adaptation! Personally I would change the Audi/Quattro logos with something a bit more Volkswagen/generic. But that's just me, the skin looks great anyway!
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