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Dynamic View 2 & 3 v1.4

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I've seen a lot of view effects uploads, but the best 1 is the dynamic which comes with the game, only needs a little tweaking, which i did, twice. Improving the Darkness that seems to haunt that view (my personal favorite is dynamic 3)
To install:
1. Open AssettoCorsa/cfg/filters
2. unzip, Copy & Paste both files in the filters folder.
(they will not overwrite any files) start up game & use the normal Post Filter App to select new views. Enjoy!
dynamic2.jpg dynamic3.jpg

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Cool !
I'm glad you guys are enjoying it as much as I :)
Really sharpens my tracks.

Thank you!
Great work, really like both settings. Thanks.
Jeffery Naylor
Thank you, Great job!
It's the best I've ever seen. Thank you.