Driftland 2022

Driftland 2022 SDC Round 3 2022

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Track Name: Driftland
10+ Layouts to pick from!!
Driftland - BDC Classic & 2021
Driftland - BDC 2020 Layout(Correct from the actual event)
Driftland - BDC 2022 Layout
SDC round 3 2020 Night FIght
SDC Round 1 & 2 2022(with thanks to Driftland staff thanks to lou and stu this wouldnt of been possible without you)
Tsujigiri Layout
ASNG Layout(Bdc classic/2021 in reverse)
Drift League GB Layout

Driftland - Shiftlock
Driftland - First Infield
Driftland - Second Infield
Driftland - Full outer
Driftland - Open

Pits: 32

This is Just the 0.9.4 Expect updates making it closer and closer to the actual complex!

Pics and Vids:



(photo by: Justin Bryar)
Videos of layouts-
Practice day Layouts:
First Infield
Second infield

Competition Layouts:
SDC 2022 Round 1
SDC 2022 Round 2

Originally by: brettbolger - Driftland 2019(Can be found on RaceDepartment)
Updated Textures and models and tweaks By RYZE
3d Guru and huge help and support AdamMRT(So much love for adam he's helped so much on this map lately and other 3d help!)
Metal Gates model around the track from sketchfab user "jkvarel"
Bin model from sketchfab user "Daniel Martins" texture by RYZE
Radio tower model from sketchfab user "PT34"
BDC Models and Textures from Kyle Woods from bdc_threesisters_2020 & bdc_driftland_2020
Shipping container "borrowed" From Meihan sportland 2019 by Jonathan simpson with edits by -FF- Mouby
Track side Tyre bundle model from Sketchfab user "Angerenage"
Trees from Hx_slideboizz_skidpad by hexormods for slideboizz(shout out slideboizz love the pack but fix the s15 mirrors..)
Fence model Double Rod Fence Matt - Doppelstabmattenzaun by VIS-All-3D on sketchfab(PAID)
Tsujigiri For their layout with permission shoutout all those guys! thanks!!! :inlove:
steps hand rail - "Iron grid" by Cavalqs from Sketchfab
Wind Turbine - "Animated Wind Turbine" Glowbox 3D from Sketchfab
Fix on the wall - Allen Carvin
SDC 2022 Round 1 & 2 layout help - Driftland staff Lou & Stu
BDC 2022 line map - Kieran Hynes couldnt of made the layout without it

P.s that really is my PayPal link so feel free to buy me a beer!

Latest updates

  1. SDC Round 3 2022

    New update! Bringing you the new Scottish Drift Championship round 3 Layout for the real...
  2. BDC 2022 Update! fix

    sorry a few slight bugs with the previous upload so fixed them here my apologies!
  3. BDC 2022 Update!

    Here it is! Just in time for the 5 day festival! Try your hand at the virtual version of the...

Latest reviews

really nice! Im the one from Swiss that was at the festival this year (2022) I wanted to tell you that really enjoy your mod but I lost your Discord ID. But thats really great work!
awsome track yeah the boys
thanks for the good review!
Glad to see you working on this again, it's looking a lot better now
Thank you! It will be improved more as well its not stopping here :)
Thank you so much :)
I love that I can drive a BDC Track in game as a UK Drifter, but this is really below average quality and that really lets it down. Meshes are bad, textures are super low res, I know it takes a LOT of work to make a track for AC but maybe work on it some more before releasing it huh?
Thanks for the review. tbh i didn't plan on releasing it till ver 1.0 which it still isn't but then covid happened and everyone was at home so thought why not but it is always improving also if you have any tips on how i can implement things please let me know as im not a track maker at all im only making this track as its my local irl track.
The work is there and i know it take lot of time but man this is very ugly i'm sorry :( i don't understand why CSP is needed for your track.
Hope the best for your futur work ;)
It will take a long time constantly trying to improve it too however I agree it is quite ugly at it is but it will improve over time visually but this is my first and probably only track I'll do so complete novice learning as I do.. as for sharers patch its more sol thats needed for the sky otherwise you will have a big black sky above you.
Hopefully will add things like grass fx as I learn them

Thanks for the review

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