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Drift School NZ

Drift School NZ 1.0

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Hi all

This is my second attempt at a track and first ever track made for Assetto Corsa so iv'e probably made a ton of stuff ups but may improve and add more to the track later. This is a model of the Skid Pan at Hampton Downs Race Track in New Zealand (except with some graphiti artwork on the walls), specifically with the TrackTime Driving Academy, Mazda Gymkhana Challenge layout.

The grip is set to simulate the wet skid pan as close as I could to my experiences of the real thing. Car to use for the TrackTime challenge is the Mazda ND, change tires to street and you're away. (Enter through the left gate and slalom between the blue cones, drift 3 times around the circle and then come to a stop in the square cones. In the real one, you get a time deduction of 5 seconds per complete drift at the circle, beginning from the large marker cone)

The carpark and small extended part of the track is entirely fictional and I may build this into something bigger and more interesting in future. This has a more standard grip level to simulate dry road.

I hope someone enjoys this and makes use of the skid pan for real life practice ;)


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My first drift track in Assetto Corsa. thank you.
This perfect map to practice drift. Thank you
3 hours later after searching.... i have found the Perfect track for me to practice drifting.. thank you
Jordan Pene
Jordan Pene
Welcome :)
Jordan Pene
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