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Dirt Rally Telemetry & Setup Tool

Dirt Rally Telemetry & Setup Tool A1

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-Setup-focused display for over 20 in-game parameters, including differential velocity calculations, suspension travel and G-forces.
-Open source. Code is included and commented for community to improve or change.

In-game demo:

Other notes and features:
-Tool is still in beginning stages and needs a little optimization.

-Readme is included for credits and setup.

-Processing code (currently disabled but included) can be expanded to run hardware on Arduino using serial output.

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Latest reviews

Thanks a lot for your work! I'm using your code to build a custom dashboard and it's working great so far.
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Thank you once more for your hard work Zeb! You did an awesome job with this tool. I've been using Cortextual's compact version lately but credit goes to you mate.
Thanks man. Been off the grid for a few months. Getting ready for a move during winter. I fully endorse Cortextual's improvements.
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Please help how can i use this tool? If i start it runs in its own window and doesn't stay on thop when i start Dirt Rally it's go to behind the game :(
Hi Mesa, you'll need an app like borderless gaming. Some will allow you to overlay it transparent, otherwise you'll need to play DR windowed.
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Best telemtry-tool ever for Dirt Rally. Perhaps better than Eksimracing and Dashmeterpro. If only it could be used on a tablet/phone it would be 6 out of 5 stars!
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This is awesome.

I used to use wheeler but wheeler gave me a huge framedrop.

But this one has no problem with frame drop and I am enjoying myself to compare my drive between me and my friends.

Here is the vid that I played the one who wonder how it works in full length !

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Wow, Finally released.

Thank you Zeb!
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Seen it in action and useful in action with myself. Zeb getting it done for the community.
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It's awesome =)
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