Datsun 510 TA_U2 for Rfactor 2 2.1

Rfactor Conversion

  1. brian potvin

    1970 TransAm under 2 liter mod, as initiated by Jose Lopez and refined by MNRL's mod team.

    Thanks very much to Jose Lopez, for producing these cars, great job!

    This mod would not have come to fruition without all the work performed by Paul Nadeau.

    Permission was granted to convert and release this mod to the community for Rfactor 2 by

    Getting this car to work properly in rfactor 2 has been quite the chore.
    I'll start from the top and see if I can remember everything that was done. This is also my first attempt at any type of car modding or conversion and I still have many questions. I'm also looking for experienced modders to help improve the mod further. I also have the rest of the TA_U2 class to finish.

    Change log:
    Updated textures to albedo
    Updated some shaders
    Created some new texture maps, spec and bump
    Separated objects in model in 3ds max
    Added underbody shadow
    Added disc glow
    Added Animated Driver
    Added Wild card names to materials for template use
    Created templates for chassis, Interior tub,rollcage, windows, and helmet.
    So many little things I just can't remember.

    I also want to thank Juergen for the inspiration he provided with the Celica mod, it taught me so much.

    Things I would like to improve on:
    New tire model
    Better templates
    Animated driver position
    Chrome work (still don't look right)
    More upgrades, rim color, pit limiter

    Any suggestions are welcome and constructive criticism is also a plus.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Highbank
    Version: 2.1
    My favorate racecar of all time, a blast in rF2...just needs some same class friends to smite, Thanks!
  2. Emery
    Version: 2.0
    Good beginning, the car runs & drives well with default setup, though the tires feel a bit wooden. Default cockpit eyepoint is too far back, behind the headrest, so needs to be moved forward manually until brian fixes it. Skins were not desaturated for rF2's HDR graphics. Is there a skin template?

    Otherwise, it's an rF1 mod. Converters can't fix that. I love the content, so will drive it enthusiastically, but it's definitely not up to modern graphic standards.
    1. brian potvin
      Author's Response
  3. leseb64
    Version: 2.0
    I love the Japanese car 60's / 70's, but inside rework goal, to put the seat more forward, more setup, it's good car courage!
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