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Either you will think this is cool or really stupid but here is why I did these skins all in about two days.

I thought the Alfa GTA was a blast but I was beating the AI at 100 percent and on tracks I'm good at betting them by 4 seconds or more a lap. So after lots of testing I found I could run against the BMW M3 E30 Step 1 cars and then turn down the AI to 92% or so and then we were close.

The Skins were pretty plan so I was going to make some fantasy ones since everyone has already done GREAT Group A and DTM ones but they don't work with Step 1 BMW M3. Well my first one looked like Kyle Petty's old Peak car so I just made them old NASCAR skins, well kind of.

I made all the folder names 1_SPONSOR so if your like me and get all mad at ASSETTO CORSA adding ugly skins back in the next big update this way they are all grouped together so delete the others. Or if you don't like these this makes them easier to delete.

The pictures are just a sample of the some twenty one skins.

Oh yea these cars will turn right as well left unlike NASCAR stock cars though I love the stock cars on road courses as they are funny as fun. If I go to Mid Ohio I will have been to all the current tracks on the schedule.

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Great skins pack , thanks mate ! :)
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