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Crystal Clear Audio Upgrade - Standard SFX 1.0

Audio upgrade for the standard game sounds!

  1. Jeffry in t Veld
    *NO longer compatible with the game after the audio system got a upgrade!*
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Recent Reviews

  1. sKooP
    Version: 1.0
    I Like what you have done, always appreciate people getting into the sound editing and enhancements. Although i have to say i'd never use headphones for driving sims, it sounds wrong. The same goes for making music, you can't do that with only headphones, you need that wider "room" sound to really feel beats etc, it's night and day. And since i use a high end audio system this does not sound particularly good, the highs are far to overdriven etc. I think it can enhange midrange headphones, or speakers that won't go high enough, or lack in that respect. but I don't really like these sounds though my Sennheiser HD595 either, or the default sounds, it's all bland. As i've said earlier on AC forum, the recorded sounds are of good quality, it's the placement and audiosystem in AC that lacks ATM. When we soon have FMOD, things will be a lot different and this all could be a waste of time. Quality of the samples is just fine, if you like more high, just crank up the treble or somehing. But what we actually need is correct 3d positional placement, correct doppler and a lot of other advanced audio filters to make it sound immersive. So let's wait what FMOD will change for us...
    1. Jeffry in t Veld
      Author's Response
      Thats why i have stopped modding the sounds as a new sound system is being made.
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