Colin Mcrae's R4 in Dirt Rally. 2016-09-15-light

Like in the title, Colin Mcrae's R4 car in Dirt Rally.

  1. Spirit of Mirrors
    9 years without master. It's special opportunity why I prepared my first mod..

    I converted this car from D2+D3.

    How to use it.

    1) Extract the archive.
    2) From CM R4 copy both 2 catalogs "interiors" and "models".
    3) Go to Dirt Rally/cars and paste here.
    4) Replace all files.
    5) Done.

    How to use in game.

    1) Choose stage.
    2) Choose R4 class and EVO X.
    I prepared 2 Colin Mcrae's liveries. Everything is on screenshots.

    In game choose right livery, like above.

    Why I replaced EVO X? Because it's one of three cars with steering on the right side, and the crews position in the car is almost fine.
    Almost, because top of driver's head is minimal above the roof.
    I recommend to use stronger brakes and shorter final drive.

    Physics is mixed. Want you use stock EVO X handling? Why not.
    From my archive /original mer files/models/mer/ copy two files: mer.nd2, mer.ppts. Put in Dirt Rally/cars/models/mer/ and replace.
    It might look like this:
    Never tested. In another cars differences are not so big like on image, but minimal.

    Sometimes are troubles with loading textures, and the result is you can count the pixels. How to fix it? Restart the game or load stage again.

    Of course if some is wrong you can restore stock file by verify integrity of game cache or copy from this archive "Original mer files" catalogs "interiors"+"models" and replace in Dirt Rally/cars.

    If you have some opinions, just leave here.

    Spirit of Mirrors.

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  1. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 2016-09-15-light
    1. Spirit of Mirrors
      Author's Response
      I'll update it, thanks for feedback.
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