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Circuit Hawaii Concept

Circuit Hawaii Concept 0.54

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Just added the ext_config.ini into the proper spot. If you have already done this from the previous update, there is no reason to re-download this pack.
Hi all,

Sorry, been really busy and I'm actually waiting for our Master Plan from Driven International to commence before creating a new version of the track that will be the true vision of Circuit Hawaii.

However, for now I'll be going in and removing a ton of the background objects like the cars and trees to try and get a more enjoyable frame rate for those of you with lower systems.

This is an update to include the ext_config.ini file for the track that adds grass. The grass is trimmed every Monday. Please drop this into the following folder:


Mahalo for your continued enjoyment! Also check out @buildthetrack and @circuithawaii for information on the real track's progression!
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Hello all,

Thanks for enjoying my work! I've gotten some feedback from several people and I've tried to implement a few changes to give a boost in FPS. There's still a ton of optimization that needs to happen for the textures though. but all of this netted some FPS increase.

I would suggest deleting the CH track folder & the CH backgrounds and re-installing if you want it pure.

  • Pruned trees to a smaller number to increase FPS.
  • Removed all of my pathetic attempts at grass (Ilja has built-in grass coming soon). The track looks much better now.
  • Shortened barricades in several places to improve sight lines.
  • Removed the middle drag strip barricade for drifting fans.
  • Fixed several wall gaps.
  • Created ideal_line.ai file to stop early AI pit stops.
  • Fixed pits where AI was banging against the entry wall.
  • Swapped Paddock/Skidpad area to a much more pleasing texture.
  • Redid VAO-patch.
  • Removed one background due to being from an older version.
  • Included extra cam folder with a few more camera sets useful for viewing the stock car track and overhead. This is in the data folder. Just copy paste.

I will say that I worked especially hard at the camera sets for this track. Hitting F2 and watching the replays is really enjoyable for me as I think I have a good number of different angles to really make it worth it. Try it out!

Thanks for the support! Enjoy!
Just a few tweeks after feedback. It should be good to go now for online:

  • Removed author line in ui_track.json - should fix it for non-CM users.
  • Surfaces.ini has been added allowing for pit in and pit out with the speed limiter.
  • Fixed kerb sounds.
Quick update to fix the track naming issue regarding circuit_hawaii to circuit_hawaii_concept.

In addition, there is a problem with the pit in where the AI bumps against the barricade just as they enter. I made a slight alteration to the barricade but didn't update the pit-in line. This will be fixed in an update shortly.

Thank you for all the kind responses.