Changes to Difficulty Levels In F1 2014 1.0

Changes the speed of the AI cars you will race against in each difficulty level

  1. driveroz247
    This mod changes the speeds of the AI cars in each difficulty level. The only levels I have not changed is the amateur and Legend. It is not possible to change the level of Legend to be faster because they are already at the fastest this game can handle.

    Changes to the AI speeds for all tracks in Intermediate, Professional and Expert difficulty levels, and Legend difficulty at Monza has now also been increased.

    Changes will be ongoing as I get feedback and requests, or I feel the need arises.

    Changes currently made to difficulty level AI speeds:
    • Intermediate: slightly lowered the original intermediate AI speeds at every track
    • Professional and Expert: slightly increased the speed of the AI cars at every track
    • Legend: Increased the speed of the AI cars at Monza track to be the maximum speed the game was programmed to handle for this track.
    Please feel free to download, and leave suggestions and feedback.

    Always remember to back-up original files before installing any mod.
    And remember to enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. Павел Бокарёв
    Павел Бокарёв
    Version: 1.0
    Can you make Expert settings in 0.5 seconds faster? please
  2. Dobbs66
    Version: 1.0
  3. MikaelV
    Version: 1.0
    Good job! Always wanted the expert AI to be faster. :)
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