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BMW Sikora Motorsport v1.1 skin (Suter MMX) 1.1

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This is great skin of BMW Sikora Motorsport bike (in game Suter MMX) in new version 1.1, created by talented CokeSau. In new version you've got bike from 2013 Polish Motorcycle Championship season, new suit for rider (in real life this belong to Ireneusz Sikora), and skin for box and mechanics from BMW Sikora Motorsport team.

In real life this is BMW S 1000 RR from best Polish Motorcycle team. In game it's Suter MMX Ioda Racing. Have a fun!

Check Facebook site of BMW Sikora Motorsport team:

More information:
Mod Name: BMW Sikora Motorsport Skin
Mod Author: CokeSau
Version: 1.1
Release Date: 01/02/2014
Category: Skins

- Bike in 4096* replaced the Suter MMX1 Bike
- Suit in 4096* replaced the Custom Suit 013

No Starting Number created or replaced
Put MOTOGP.MIX file in the main direction of Mgp2013 and let overwrite


ML2166 for the 3D template

Best regards,
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