BMW M4 DTM Skinpack 2018 - URD T5 Bayro 2018

BMW M4 DTM Skinpack 2018 - URD T5 Bayro 2018 1.2

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Merci Emilien, tu peux passer nous dire bonjour sur la ligue RFRO :
Großartig, vielen Dank !!!!
Ayo mate, 10 stars from me for ya beautiful work!!!

Can ya ask a permission from author and convert this one as DTM_fantasy_2018 add-on?)))
Very nice Skins and thank you for sharing.
great skins, perhaps a little bit too bright texture IMHO
Superb !!!
Hast du schon infos vom Mercedes oder Audi????
Original Lackierungen. Sehen schon sehr gut aus.
Very nice skins. Thank you for sharing.
cool thx mate!
Thanks a lot!! Will you be making skins for the Aura and Maures as well?
I have asked for the right to convert them since assetto corsa and I'm waiting for a reponce