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Billboard skin for @doublezero 's excellent Acopone Raceway

Billboard skin for @doublezero 's excellent Acopone Raceway 09.07.2021

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Billboard skin for @doublezero 's excellent Acopone Raceway.
Unzip the attached 'skins' folder and put it in the main track folder.


Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-31-44.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-32-27.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-32-49.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-34-13.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-35-9.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-35-53.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-38-37.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-40-21.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_p2p_00_acopone_9-7-121-16-41-5.jpg

Latest reviews

This is excellent. Your billboards always make a huge improvement. Thank you for making and sharing this with us.
Thanks Mascot. Great to have another skin option for this fantastic track.
Thanks Mascot, nicely designed, I love this track and your skins are always a welcome addition.
Acopone is a top-notch track; as good as anything from Kunos. And this billboard skin makes it just about perfect.
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