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Bentley Continental GT3 Anniversary Edition

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Hello racing sim community fans,
The beast has been released! That precise moment is shown in the below video.
I am happy to present the BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT3 for Assetto Corsa, and I hope you like it.

I hope that this car can contribute to our common driving pleasure.

Earlier version:
It still has my own physics It has Fonsecker sounds, it is already a complete joy to drive, and it's quite hard-core.
It also has 100% untouched Kunos GT3 tires.

The real sounds and physics will come in the release candidate version 2 and in the final version, together with improvements on the model and textures.

I wish to thank all those that post their findings in the Assetto Corsa mod forums, without them this mod would not have been possible.
Big thanks to the people that will be working in the final physics sound and textures.
Thank you Kunos for their editor, with the new car project feature.

Disclaimer: This is my first mod in any game, and also the first time I have worked with Blender. The UV-Map, (the templates), are very far from perfect, sides are not symmetrical, layers are not well organized, etc, etc, etc. Use them only if you have enough patience. Otherwise don't try to work with the templates.
Only PNG files will work.
The PNG files need to have the same name as the templates.

It is not advisable to mess with the setup at this stage.
Server Admins, this car was made to go online.
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3.99 star(s) 85 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 1st Anniversary Edition

    To celebrate one year since this mod started, and over 32.000 downloads, here is a new version...
  2. Much improved rev counter and several other refinements

    Much improved rev counter Model improvements Small texture improvements No V5 GT3 tyres as they...
  3. Model and texture improvements

    Change log: Model improvements on the exterior and interior to make it more accurate Small...
  4. Small fixes

    Small fixes to Front lights Front Bumper Tailgate Now it looks even more realistic.
  5. The width was 10% wider than the real and is now corrected

    Now it fits well alongside the other GT3 cars when in the pits. The views are a bit wrong...

Latest reviews

Obviously the sound, cameras and tires are FUBAR as the mod as been dormant through a great number of AC updates. However, if you have Content Manager you can replace all this and it still makes a neat edition to a GT3 grid in the form of some extra opposition.
fix sound
Good mod overall. As others have stated there is no sound when external cam is used and the driver is in the way when in the cockpit but that's not a complaint, just an observation. I overcame these issues simply by using the nose cam.
great mod
Merci mais je n'arrive pas à avoir un réglage caméra qui me convienne à cause d'une "barre" au millieu de la voiture
This is a really great MOD. I am so happy to finally drive a Bentley GT3. For me, it will take some getting used to a right hand drive. I really enjoy driving this Bentley and look forward to many laps on the track.
Thank you for this car.
I think some of the recent reviewers doth protest too much. The vast majority of the issues mentioned; external sound, dash and driver cam positions, even paint reflectivity and tire models can be fixed using Content Manager's analyze car data function. Nothing can be done about some of the relatively lower res graphics but that's to be expected given the mods age. I quickly fixed all of the issues found and find the mod to be lots of fun.
I can't find a better Bentley GT mod for AC at the moment and I'm not going to buy ACC just to have a better Bentley GT model. Relax a bit gents, appreciate and enjoy this FREE mod.
As good as this mod is, I think it's time for a new one (of the 2018 Bentley if you don't have the "time" or motivation" for this one. Sounds inside are fine, but where's the meaty V8 roar that glorified it? Also the car display is a little dim to see in the day which can a little frustrating.
It ain't as bad as other people would say; I set a 2.19 around Silverstone (and that's coming from a guy on a G27 with little practise).
However, I am of the opinion, given the presence of the Bentley in ACC as well as your version in AC, that it's now time to either update this mod majorly, or even start over with the new Bentley GT3 when you have the "time" or "motivation". It hasn't aged disgracefully, but it simply no longer has as much attention as it used to have.
Why don’t you do the new version then since you seem to have the “time” and the “motivation”?
No external sound, wrong camera position in the cockpit because of the head getting in the view, and you are still complaining why you got 3 stars reviews from other guys and that you have no motivation?! You should never mod again.
the mod stinks, should update, because in AC Competizione and tinen and deserve this mod in good condition.
Nice car, but unfortunately no external sound. Any chance anyone to fix it?
Am I the only one that can't drive this car becasuse of the camera?. I use the cockpit camera and this car's one is undrivable. I can just simply see driver's back head and it's just a shame. I really lke this car. Help please?
It's ok. No exterior sound files though.
The Car driving very good, but outside of the Bentley is no sound. Please fix it
This car is great. Good topspeed and handling. However I seem to experience an error when displaying in cockpit view.
Great mod. Thank you. I have in car sound but don't seem to be able to hear the external sound.
It's a beautiful well mod.
It needs some adjustments and small bug fix
Very nice car and very good Mod. Nice add to a GT3 race, many thanks!
Yesterday I gave this mod another try ..
The car is just awesome! Drives very well, seems a bit unstable under braking, but not a big problem. Rightside driving is pretty awkward, but after some time, you get used to it. The sound is really awesome! Especially love the up/down shifts! And the roar! I love this beast !! And the looks!

I would love to add it to a GT3 race but got a checksum error when I tried to join my session and was kicked, on my own server with the same car I hosted. Both anniversary edition and RC 2. Very strange!! This looks like something which could be relatively easy fixed? It worked in the past.

Considering how far development already is, it's a shame not to put this wheels it to good use!!!

Kakusso, if you're reading this --> Big fan !!!!!
please keep up the good work!! Love your GT3 !!

Should you not want to continue, please make your files public for anyone to help out/continue your work!
Great for a first mod, but some issues with the physics:

The tyres really need updated, the temps are far far too stable. The V7 tyres are available, simply a copy/paste job!

Aero is strange too, very very rear biased, even with front wing at max. The frontwing and diffuser heights are very unstable too, meaning the aero balance fluctuates far more than any other car. This makes braking/accelerating harder, since the aero balance changes wildly.

Its also very fuel efficient Cheesy Only needs 1.8l/lap, whereas the AMG GT3 needs 2.7l/lap (round Mugello).

Centre of gravity is probably a bit too low at 32cm, whereas the Nissan which I imagine would be very similar is at over 40cm. AMG GT3 is around 36cm from memory.

That being said, the laptimes aren't that far off with some tweaking to setup, but for me its much harder to drive, quite unpredictable. I found it very hard to feel the grip, the steering goes light as if you have understeer, but if you turn more it grips more.

With some work on the physics and some polish elsewhere, this could be a great addition to the GT3 field.

Good work so far :)
3 stars, no point or motivation on continuing.
Thank you for this nice car. Very good for a first modded car.
Very nice mod. I have one issue though. The cockpit view seems very very bright so I have a hard time being able to see the track. I don't have this with any other car. Is there a solution?
Good Job!
multiplayer compatible - NO!

(*=bodywork *=Handling *=Sound ??=LOD-Files ??=data.acd)

THX for the Mod
Multiplayer compatible - YES! goes under my skin....Great Bentley Continental GT3...very good mod...THX so much
Full review here:

Not the best mod, but pretty good and VERY good for a first mod! Keep up the work! Video highlights what we thought needed improvement :)
Car is ok to drive, but seriously needs those new tyres. Feelsl ike it rolls about through the corners and despite all this, it`s still slightly quicker than all the other GT3 cars in AC, so makes it pointless running them together. Can you try slowing it down slightly so it can be run with Kunos GT3 cars more closely?
Great update, please check the onboard left mirror (it shows wrong view). Thanks!!
Good mod, could include more liveries (f.e. #84 HTP from BSS, #17 from British GT)
very very good
Very nice addition to complete a GT3 line up.
Getting better and better with every update, i think the mirror reflection are the wrong way round ? anyways thanks for all your hard work and thanks for sharing !
Nice Work, Thanks for sharing and improving it!!!
a pleasure to drive ! the exteriors sounds are very well done
The exterior engine sound (TV cam) is a blast thanks to Fonsecker.
This is really promising !

Aside from cockpit that still needs work, the rest is quite amazing !
Before installing I was worried about the sound, very caracteristic on the Bentley. But in the end, well, they're on point !
3D is really good and physics match the other GT3, keep up this way !