Benetton Camel Yellow - Car+Driver Suit+pitstop suit(Based Renault) 2

Benetton Camel Yellow - Car+Driver Suit (Based Renault)

  1. maradona677
    Hi boys. One more creation, this time better than that. Judge yourself :)

    Complemented by pit stop suit


    1. PrinScreencar5.jpg
    2. PrinScreencar4.jpg
    3. PrinScreencar3.jpg
    4. PrinScreencar2.jpg
    5. PrinScreencar1.jpg
    6. Driver suit 1 JPG.jpg
    7. Driver suit 2 JPG.jpg
    8. 1camel.jpg
    9. 2camel.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. marlboroman2
    Version: 2
    Not entirely accurate according to the original but very good. well thank you
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