Bahrain - Track Update Revision 2

Complete Track Update in HD, New Textures, New Lighting

  1. igearzone16
    Bahrain, As Real As It Gets..

    Tracks is cleaner with more detail.Includes previously never seen textures, of buildings, emergency equipment, light fixtures and etc..

    Install instructions included for 1st time users.
    Easy as 1 2 3...

    If you use it
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Recent Reviews

  1. blackar7s
    Version: 2.0
    As always, this is brilliant. just one question, is there anyway to stop the fireworks mid race nd have them explode when the race is over.
    1. igearzone16
      Author's Response
      No they dont have a timer.. But if you want to get rid of them completely, just go to threack folder, then in bahrain folder go to route_0 folder, andopen the file calld pfx.xml and delete all the lines that say fireworks.. then close it.... or I can email you one if you like
  2. shinjunho
    Version: 2.0
    This is the best mod file I've ever had.
    especially lighting
    Can I ask you a favor?
    Please ~ Abudabi Night like this
    1. igearzone16
  3. snowflower
    Version: x.X.x
    1. igearzone16
      Author's Response
      thnx bro...
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