Ayrton Senna - Lotus Skins Pack (1985-1986-1987) HD 3.0


  1. samletigre
    Ayrton Senna - Lotus Skins Pack HD 4096 v3.0

    Senna's Lotus Skins of 1985, 1986 and 1987
    Speccoc file fixed , all is ok :)
    New download file (rar)
    1987 Lotus 99T with carbon parts


    In the rar file, you will found the three lotus skins in 4096 and you will able to choose between the skins with the number 11 and 12 like in the 80s or the number 7 and 8 of Raikkonen and Grosjean 2013.


    Enjoy :D
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