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Austin Mini Cooper RallyCross 1980 1.4

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No sound, sound 'fix' includes the entire 500gb+ AMS library and has no read me.
i've many reports that the sound fixed worked so...
Sound Still not working with fix
Awesome mod but please can you reupload the sound fix? The current link does not work :(
Is the sound included in the full zip file now?
Anyway I get sound, but it's a bit weird though.
Sometimes it sounds like I'm hearing 2 engines at once. lol

Great car anyway, one of my favorite for hillclimbs.
I hope that Automobilista will get lots of rally/hillclimbs tracks soon!
It's quite a slow car, so it's not for regular racing tracks!
I feel like it's good only for difficult tracks with tight corners. :)
Great mod,thanks......
Unfortunatly I can not get any sound,car works great i must have out the sound file in wrong place..can you help please..?
Thanks Buddy

Send me a PM With a screenshot of your Mini Folder and Sound folder then i can help you out
Seems good but I too have no sound.
Download the sound fix from Onedrive. it's in the artical.
the car is weldone but....i give only one star cause your unable to put the sound folder in the mod, as a new version for exemple. really sad you dont react to the people that cant get the sound.
Tried version 1.2...Removed all previous first....still no sound....can you not Zip it up as a Game data like every other mod..?
Did you download the sound fix? In the onedrive link. That should fix it
Seriously ?

The sound fix is double the size of the mod ?

wtf lol ?
Yeah some strange things happening.. but did it work?
No sound, and the link for the soundfix is broken.
But the Car is nice ^^
Is there a new link for the Soundfix?