Audi R8 LMS "HAWK Performance"

Audi R8 LMS "HAWK Performance" 2015-10-23

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Replica skin from Audi R8 LMS "HAWK Performance" at Pirelli World Challenge 2014.

-Mat finish for black parts
-Freestyle "HAWK Performance" driver suit and Helmet.
-Puma gloves
-Darker interior (dashboard, seat, carbon)

I have included 2 compression version of this skin in the folder :

- 32bits which is the best quality but heavier (85Mo) no pixelated at all.
In solo mode : no problem, in online mode: maybe a bit too heavy.
With skin map : 160Mo

-DXT5 8bits wich is the standart quality :all AC livery use it (21Mo) for solo and multiplayer or low end pc.
With skin map : 40Mo

4K quality for both.

Skin_map file is same resolution and compression as Skin file, it's heavier but best graphic result.

*Some logos are missing (rear wing and driver signature on roof, above doors) because I dont find them on google and I don't have quality pictures for make them with Photoshop, sorry about that.

-OPMP for his tyrepack from RaceDepartment.
-Bond!JamesBond! for his Puma gloves from AC official forum
-OD971 for darker files texture from AC official forum


Enjoy and rate it !! Thanks.
pres_HAWK_suit_v2.jpg 140619WCMikeSkeenCharlotteNCHawkPerformanceAudiR8Ultra5075.jpg 10557331_814713838552840_4562044218792891741_n.jpg

Latest reviews

I discovered your skins and they are always of a very high quality.
Excellent work and thank you for the time spent and for sharing;)
Custom skin map. Custom helmet. Custom drivers suit.. Dang! That's above and beyond. Great work.
A great skin, really beautyful in HD.

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