Audi A4 R9 DTM

Audi A4 R9 DTM 1.0

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Audi A4 DTM.jpg

Credits Audi A4 R9 DTM
  • 3D: Marc Danisch
  • 2D & Mapping: Marc Danisch, Alexander Kholodkevich aka SandroX
  • Ingame: Alexander Kholodkevich aka SandroX
  • Physik: P_Johann
  • Damage: Marc Danisch
  • Cams: Marc Danisch
  • Skins: Sven Gerlach
  • Sounds: Davide Cervone
  • Betatest:
File contains both the car and the templates.

Latest reviews

Raymond Racing
I *desperately* want to recommend this car because the modelling is so good and non-ripped DTM cars of this era are so hard to find. However, since this is effectively abandonware by URD now, I doubt we'll see this car updated to the modern standard of Assetto Corsa physics.
It does not work anymore with Assetto Corsa, that's a shame though, because this car would make a fine addition to any car park.
should be a warning in red letters that it does not work in the latest version of AC. It probably was a good mod in the days..
It appears to be a great work but useless if crashes the game.
It never worked as I got it after the AC update! But great work appreciate all the effort !!!
I sure want to drive this Audi but doesn't work for me either after the update :(
Runs fine for me. Thanks for the free one. Much appreciate your work.
Still alot things to do. Model and Sound is good. Cockpit could need a bit more detail. But the problem are thy physics. This Car doesnt speak with you. I dont get any feedback from it.
doesnt load 1.1.3
How to run this car in 1.1?
Thank you for this one. Two things bothers me - car slide way too much, like no other car in AC and... why there's no "data" folder? so we (at least I know I always do) can edit onboard cameras to our own liking. I noticed this second issue on couple other cars. Is there some reason for not give us this folder? Is is locked somehow? It's not hidden, I've checked that already.
Great car, thanks a lot!
Very good car, good driving, good looking, thanks.
awesome thanks for sharing...
One of my favourite cars in Gran Turismo series (the game I left for Assetto Corsa!), now I can enjoy it all over again. Thanks for feeding my nostalgic cravings ;-)
Excellent physics, some weird graphical glitches is a drawback though. There's flickering textures on my side.
Cool car. Thanks.