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Assetto Corsa Sound Switcher 1.2

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Quickly and easily swap between the sound fix for modded cars and the current (default) sounds.

No installation or setup necessary (apart from selecting the content/sfx folder should Assetto Corsa not be installed in the default directory).

An in-game app version may be downloaded from within SFX Switcher, or downloaded from here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/assetto-corsa-sound-switcher-in-game-app.26322/

To change the sounds you are using, simply minimize at the AC main menu and click the Switch SFX button, your sounds will be swapped without the need to create backups yourself. To switch back, repeat the process as much as you'd like.
(Only tested with latest version of AC)


Included is an option to manually check if the default/modded sound files are up to date and automatically update them should the game be updated in the future.

UPDATE v1.1:
-Fixed bug when changing directory while running causing wrong currently used sound was displayed (Ex. Displayed default when using modded)
-General UI changes

Latest updates

  1. 1.2

    Added a button to install the new (beta) in-game app version of SFXSwitcher which can...

Latest reviews

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Ça fonctionne encore merci !
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It saved my game! Thanx so much!
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Good as an idea, but after the switch the car's audio doesn't work anymore. It doesn't work for me.
When using the "modded sounds", default cars / up to date modded cars will have no sound. Its a fix for older car mods which have broken sounds and lets you quickly swap between the two.
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Nice idea, however I don't understand how this app works. Where do the modded sounds come from? If I use it now, there are no modded sounds and there is no sound at all. Switching back to the original sounds works okay.
It simply replaces the default sounds with the "ac sound fix for 1.4" which allows certain vehicles which have no sound (or exterior sound) to work again, however using this fix causes the default cars to lose all sound completely. This app simply provides a convenient way to swap between the two (Sound fix and default) depending on what you would like to drive.
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File size
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4.20 star(s) 5 ratings

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