Arrows SF15-T

Arrows SF15-T 1.1

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Latest updates

  1. Minor tweaks

    Added outlines to the Orange logos Added some small text stuff to the cockpit surround

Latest reviews

love it!
Very good! The real one has thin outlines on the "orange" logos though. On the big orange logo has a white thin outline and on the small one on the front wing there is a thin dark line. I saw it on the real photo you provided among your screens in the preview shots lol. :) Maybe you skipped them cause you think it looks better without or you missed them? Never the less, thank you, awesome work!
Thank you for pointing that out, the new version will add them
I laughed, I cried, it was much better than Cats. I'd download it again and again.
Absolutely stellar job. It fits surprisingly and spectacularly well on the contemporary machine like this. Well aligned everywhere and I see nothing that I could criticize, even if I tried!