AMS F_V12 Season 1993 pt1 1.0

Season 1993 for AMS

  1. Steven Poirier
    Season 1993 for AMS, use Formula V12 car.

    - All car but not March ( didnt really made the season )
    - All driver talent

    Not Include:
    - 80% of the driver helmet isnt maded yet
    - No driver suit maded

    ANYONE can use any car on the mod and modify it and publish it. The only thing i ask, its put a credit to me beware the work maded

    Anyone can make any extra on it to put it more up to date.


Recent Reviews

  1. CandideTh74
    Version: 1.0
    Je n'arrive pas à installer ce mod, les textures ne se chargent pas. Pourrais-je avoir de l'aide svp? Je n'hésiterai pas à changer mon review si j'arrive à correctement l'installer :-)
  2. hex
    Version: 1.0
    Outstanding job :) Thanks for sharing.
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