Ambush Canyon for AMS

Ambush Canyon for AMS v1.0

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Hi Guys

Here we have another track converted by myself, many of you will probably remember this track and hopefully you can enjoy this track again in AMS.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy this one.

Update details:

- AMS random clouds and atmosphere added
- New rgb/lighting & fog settings
- New tarmac surface
- Upscaled sand textures and reworked them
- Fixed background scenery and added it
- Reworked all track decals and markings
- New tire walls and amco rails, all other safety wall or fences have being reworked
- All tents, Gazebos and canopies have being reworked
- Added Budweiser umbrellas to the crowds
- Bridge reworked, added texture and shading
- Reworked tunnel
- Reworked all buildings, some have being upscaled for better quality, few have completely new textures
- Reworked desert Cactus and changed color
- Reworked all crowds as best as one can
- All banners and sponsors have being reworked (kept all originals this time, suits the track)
- All sponsor structures have being reworked
- All track vehicles, trucks, caravans, buses have all being reworked
- Reworked all Balloon Aircrafts
- All other miscellaneous textures and objects have being reworked
- Basic loading screen created since there are no track maps or logos for this track



Known issues:

- I think overall the track is good, turned out far better than I had imagined.

- As for testing, I have had only one race with the Boxer cars and all looked ok for now. Hot lapping no problems.

- I highly recommend racing or hot lapping from about 2pm onwards. The track really comes alive with the sun setting, scenery looks especially nice with the sun between the mountains.

- If anyone notices something that I did not pick up, please send a mail or use the support section for this.

Installation guide:

- Download and install the track into your AMS's location file
- Have fun :)

For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Tracks, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:

Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!
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Latest reviews

I have downloaded and installed 3 of your tracks so far: Ambush Canyon, San Franscisco, and Washington DC. All 3 crash upon loading due to error in .MAS file.
Few hundred downloads with no problems and you being the first with such error.
Haven't updated any of these tracks and they all still load fine.
Not sure what could be causing the problem on your side but try redownloading and make a clean install.
Next time please use the support section for support, thanks.
What the next? Le Mans?
Make me happy my friend.
We really need ClimaxF1 touch on LeMans :)
Great track looks good and fun to drive, raced against the P052s 20 ai cars and no problems Thank You
The scenery looks awsome. Great addition to Automobilista.
Thank you.
Really nice conversion mate, i like the scenery so much. Very good work indeed, thanks :)
One of the prettiest tracks to drive and something very different to the norm.
Appreciate the review, thanks!
What a fun track. I had reservations about trying it out. I am glad i did. Very well done (once again). Thank you for sharing.
I used to have reservations with fictional tracks, these days if the track looks good, races well, then why not give it a try. This one certainly adds something we don't have which also looks really nice.
Thanks for the review!
Length = 3.85 km if you want to add to the GDB file.

Looks terrific after your makeover work!
Good spot, didn't even see that there was no track length in the gbd file.
Will add this to the next update, thanks.
Also thanks for the review, always appreciated!
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